Itetero Radio Dramas


Realizing that the majority of people in rural areas of Rwanda have access to a radio, UNICEF and Mashirika developed an idea to create a weekly radio drama that would engage the population and educate about important issues pertaining to children.

The project is monitored and evaluated through a text questions that offers a financial incentive to correct answers. These questions allow them to track listenership as well as test listeners on information received.

The team meets yearly to storyboard the project. After, they record and the drama is played twice through each year.



Upcoming Events

  • Tune in weekly on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00pm to hear the radio productions.

Project Team

Samuel Kyagambidwa

Samuel Kyagambidwa

Samuel has worked in several ranks as a playwright, actor, director, stage/radio and TV producer and manager both with Mashirika and Urunana DC as main employers. He studied music, dance and drama at Makerere University. In his position as production manager for Urunana DC he oversees all production activities, ensures that all production standards are met and tackles other day to day challenges. It is under this management position that he gained skills in financial management.

Sam says he enjoys working with Mashirika because of its innovation, dynamic, professionalism, team spirit and freedom to create.

Lillian Karagwa

Lillian Karagwa