Our Performing Arts workshops provide members with a supportive, inclusive and creative environment to engage with various art forms, encouraging positive social interaction, a strong sense of community, and artistic expression of each individual.

Anyone is welcome to attend these workshops. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your ideas.

Through 17 years of practical experience, Mashirika has created our own methodology for devising plays and theatre. Rooted deeply in our emotions, our connections play a really big role in the way we behave and interpret situations. Examining the way we are influenced is the only path to self-discovery; people are not born evil, they are influenced to do evil. In order to present these (...)


Vayando is a unique tourist platform that allows travelers the chance to dig right in to the culture they want to explore. Vayando pairs travelers up with local artists, artisans, and every day individuals for an immersive experience that allows hands on learning opportunities and cultural exchanges that support the local people and the local economy directly. Mashirika partnered with (...)